My name is Emiel Stöpler and I’m an acoustic guitarist, a composer and a writer. The music education in my childhood did not really catch on until I decided to take classical guitar lessons when I was eighteen. I became inspired, made quick progress and quite soon (and miraculously) passed my audition for the conservatory.
During my formal music studies, my view of the music and art world changed. I had always been under the impression that our society and our culture was a “given” with nothing for me to add or change. When I discovered a passion for composing during my time in the conservatory, I realized that our culture and our society is man-made – and it is something where I can actively participate in and contribute to with my art.

There are different facets to my musical activities:

The first facet is the process itself of writing music. It is a soothing activity, where I spend a lot of time alone.

The second facet is the performance of my music. That is more of a social activity. Music is played by humans – directly through concerts, or indirectly through audio recordings. In any case, it is being shared with others.It is possible that “something happens” during a concert or audio recording; people can be moved. It is my intention to inspire and connect people with my music. One of the effects of a concert can be that people forget their daily worries and for a moment “step into another world”. After such a concert, people can approach their daily lives with renewed vigor.

Emiel F.A.J. Stöpler
3 november 2021