My name is Emiel F.A.J. Stöpler and I’m a composer, guitarist, and author. After trying several instruments under slight parental pressure during my childhood, I began guitar lessons out of my own interest when I was 17 and was immediately hooked. I knew there and then that I wanted to be a musician. I also began to compose my first short pieces, which grew into me writing hundreds of crossover pieces for various ensembles – string trio’s, works for mandolin orchestra and string orchestra, guitar trio’s, to name a few. My music is influenced by classical music, pop, jazz and film music.

In addition to music, I have a passion for writing, having published a book called Zwerftochten in 2007 by SWP Publishers in Amsterdam. It’s an autobiographical tale of how I overcame a period of great turmoil in my life. The book is written with a sense of humour and a light touch. According to the feedback I received, it reads easily and it’s hard to put down once you start. The Dutch title Zwerftochten can be translated into English as Wanderings. A second book is in the works, about my search as a guitarist and a musician. Though I again describe periods of great trumoil as well as great joy, this new book will also have the same sense of humour and light touch…

Besides music and writing, I have an interest in drawing and artwork.

Below some people, ensembles and institutions I have worked with: