Find below a short playlist of some of my music:

1. Elegy (piano and chamber orchestra, 2016)

2. The Future of Progress? (symphonic orchestra, 2002 – rev. 2019)

3. Morning Run (rock band, 2015)

4. Reminiscence (solo steel string guitar, 1994)

5. The Quest (string trio of violin, viola and cello, 2009)

6. Voorbij Twee Windstreken (a quartet of violin, clarinet, piano and double bass, 1995)

7. Adventurous (acoustic rock band, 2012)


Here are my YouTube playlists, where my music is grouped by theme or genre.

The SofaTunes Playlist
The Piano Vitamins Playlist
The Classical / Crossover Music Playlist
The String Trio Playlist (violin, viola, cello)
The Dance Project Playlist
The Stock Music Playlist